Annex 2
(Para 7.2.3)


Type of information which the annual report 
of a department may contain

1.Structure and   functions of the department

(a) Broad idea of the functions. (If a more detailed list is considered necessary, it could form part of an appendix).


(b) The attached and subordinate offices, if any, through which the functions are discharged. Relative roles of

(i) the department;

(ii) attached offices;

(iii) subordinate offices working directly 

      under the department.

(c) Organisation and staffing of

(i) department proper;

(ii) its attached and subordinate offices.  


2. Performance

Activities (existing and projected) and achievements of the department/ attached/ subordinate offices vide (b) above, split up under:


(a) programmes continuing from previous year;

 (b) new programmes.

Progress to be shown against each, with reference to financial and physical targets and the actual performance, both cumulative and for the year, where necessary, to be highlighted by charts and graphs for better comprehension.

3. Public Sector undertaking under the department

An appraisal of the performance of each, covering its profitability or otherwise, and other major events like expansion, diversification, accidents, strikes, lock-outs and so on.



4. Autonomous bodies and institutions

Appraisal of the functioning of each of the autonomous bodies/institutions in relation to their objectives.




5. Important Committees and Commissions

(a) Continuing committees/commissions–their work during the year and present position;

(b) New committees / commissions – composition, terms of reference, progress made etc.

(c) An idea of any new committees/commissions proposed to be set up and brief details regarding their purposes, membership etc.


6. Conference

(a) Organised in India;

(b) International.

Nature of participation, subjects discussed, implementation- action taken etc. and foreign exchange comp-onent of the cost of attending such conferences in the case of inter-national confe-rences held abroad, to be indicated.

7. Agreements with countries, international organisations

Their nature and the degree of assistance, if any, both financial and technical to be received/extended.



8. List of publications brought out

Brief purpose of each, wherever necessary.

(All the public-ations of the department which continue to be topical to be listed in an appendix periodically, say, once in three years.)


9. Administrative improvements and innovations.

(a) Measures introduced during the year to achieve efficiency and economy in administration;

(b) an appraisal of the work of the internal work study unit in the field of work measurement, organisational and procedural studies.



10. Use of Hindi as official language

Progress made with reference to government orders on the subject.