Chapter 6
Presidentís Address



6.1.1 In accordance with Article 87(1) of the Constitution, at the commencement of the first session after each general election to the Lok Sabha, and also at the commencement of the first session of each year, the President addresses both the Houses assembled together and informs Parliament of the causes of its summons. The address, which is usually delivered in the month of February, reviews the important happenings during the preceding year and also gives broad indication of the governmentís policies and programmes for the current year.

LSR 16,17,20
RSR 14,15,18

6.1.2 After the address, general discussion takes place in each House on the address on a Motion of Thanks moved by a member and seconded by another member. Normally the Prime Minister replies to points raised during the discussion. Any other Minister may, at his discretion, intervene to explain the Governmentís point of view on matter concerning his department. The Motion of Thanks is then put to vote of the House.

Material for Presidentís address

6.2 In December each year, the Prime Ministerís Office calls upon the departments to furnish material for incorporation in the Presidentís address. This is followed by a separate request from the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs for a list of legislative proposals meriting mention in the address. Action will be taken in this regard as indicated below:



(a)    The section in the department entrusted with the task of coordinating action in the matter will initiate action well in time in anticipation of the receipt of these communications and ask other sections concerned to make available, by a fixed date, suitable material for the purpose.

(b)  The sections will prepare the material and forward it to the co-ordinating section after obtaining approval of the Joint Secretary concerned.

(c)  The co-ordinating section will:

      (i) consolidate and edit the material so received into an integrated document for the department as a whole;

      (ii) obtain the approval of the Minister; and

(iii) transmit the material to the Prime Ministerís Office/Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, as appropriate, on or before the dates prescribed by them.

Attendance by officers of the department


6.3 Parliament Unit will see that the department deputes, by rotation, an officer to be present in the official gallery to take note of the points, relevant to the department, made during the general discussion on the Presidentís address (vide sub para 6.1.2) so that further action as required in para 2.9 is taken.

Follow-up action

6.4 Copies of the address are circulated to all the departments by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. The co-ordinating section will examine it in consultation with the concerned section and have such follow-up action taken as may be required.

LSR 18
RSR 16


6.5 Members may move amendments to the Motion of Thanks drawing attention to specific points. On receipt of notices of such amendments, a suitable brief will be prepared on more important points as may be required for the use of the Minister/Prime Minister.