Annex 13

[Para 9.12(c) & 9.14.1]


Motion for referring a Bill to a 
Joint Committee of the Houses


The Secretary General,

            Lok /Rajya Sabha,
            New Delhi.


      I give notice of my intention to move the following motion during the ensuing/ current session of the Lok/Rajya Sabha:

“That the Bill (Here give the long title of the Bill) be referred to a Joint Committee of the Houses consisting of (here give the number* of members) members from this House (Here give the names** of the members) and (Here give the number of members) from the —————  Sabha;

      that in order to constitute a sitting of the Joint Committee the quorum shall be one-third of the total number of members of the Joint Committee;

      that the committee shall make a report to this House by the (here give the date*);

      that in other respects the Rules of Procedure of this House relating to Parliamentary Committee shall apply with such variations and modifications as the Speaker/Chairman may make; and

      that this House recommends to———Sabha that ——— Sabha do join the said Joint Committee and communicate to this House the names of members to be appointed by ————— Sabha to the Joint Committee.”

Yours faithfully,



Copy to:
(1)  Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
(2)  Ministry of Law and Justice (Legislative Department).



 Deputy Secretary

 * To be determined by the concerned department.

** To be determined by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.