Annex 17
(Para 9.14.1)



Motion for concurrence in the recommendation for reference of a Bill to a Joint Committee


            The Secretary General,
            Lok/Rajya Sabha,
            New Delhi.


      I give notice of my intention to move the following motion during the ensuing/ current session of the Lok/Rajya Sabha:

      “That this House concurs in the recommendation of the ... Sabha, that the House do join in the Joint Committee of the Houses on the Bill to (here give the long title of the Bill) made in the motion adopted by the ... Sabha at its sitting held on the ..... 20 .... and communicated to this House on the...... 20...... and resolves that the following members of the ....... Sabha be nominated to serve on the said Joint Committee:

      (Here give the names** of members).”

Yours faithfully,



Copy to:

(1)  Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
(2)  Ministry of Law and Justice (Legislative Department).



Deputy Secretary

** To be determined by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs