Preface - 02

Preface to the First Edition

The earlier editions of the Manual of Office Procedure contained only a chapter devoted to procedures relating to questions, legislation, resolutions and other motions in Parliament. When the above manual was reviewed during 1971-72 it was felt that this important subject needed treatment in depth in a separate manual, which would also bring at one place the various instructions relating to parliamentary work, which are at present dispersed in a number of publications and circulars. The relevant chapter and the connected appendix were accordingly omitted from the latest edition of the Manual of Office Procedure and work taken in hand to compile a separate manual for handling parliamentary work in Ministries.

2. The draft of this manual was initially prepared in this department under the guidance of a working group consisting of officers from the Department of Parliamentary Affairs, the Ministry of Law and Justice and some other departments. The draft was circulated to all ministries and the manual was finalised by the working group after taking into account their comments.

3. Every care has been taken to make the manual as complete, accurate and useful as possible. However, suggestions for improvement and correction of inadvertent errors which might have crept into it, would be gratefully received and carefully considered.


Additional Secretary and Director O & M
Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms
(Administrative Reforms)

New Delhi

4th July 1973

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