F. No. 18(1)/2006- A&P

Government of India

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

92, Parliament House,

New Delhi.

Dated: 09.04.2007



Subject:           Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers and peripherals for the period of one year.



                        There are 65 Personnel Computers and peripherals available with this Ministry.  For their maintenance, it is proposed to enter into annual maintenance contract both for hardware and software.  The processing systems are Pentium-III & IV. Peripherals include printers (Dot matrix, Laser jet and Desk jet) and UPSs (0.5 KVA, 0.65 KVA, 1KVA).  This Ministry invites sealed quotations for the above job on the terms and conditions mentioned in subsequent paragraphs. The rates may be given as under: -

 Sl. No.        Item                                                                                                                                     Rates per Unit


1.         P-III & IV PC

            (HCL, HP, Compaq, IBM and Wipro make)

2.         Printers

            (i)         HP Desk Jet Printer

            (ii)        HPLaser Jet Printers

(6L Gold/6LPro, 1000, 1150, 1200, 1300, 2410, 2550, 2608 & 6110 etc.)

(iii)       TVS Dot Matrix Printers

3.                  UPS (500VA, 650VA, 1 KVA )

4.                  Scanner (Epson)

5.                  External CD writer.

6.                  Laptop ( Compaq make & IBM make)

7.                  One IBM make Server(8671).


2.         The job will be entrusted to the successful firms under the terms and conditions mentioned below: -


a)      The contract will be for period of one year. The rates quoted will remain in force during the currency of contract and no demand for revision of rates on any account whatsoever will be entertained. It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to handover backs to this Ministry all the equipment under contract in working condition at the end of the contract period to this Ministry, failing which the firm shall be liable to pay liquidated damages to the Ministry as determined by the competent authority.


b)      No extra payment, whatsoever, on account of natural calamities or otherwise will be made to the contractor except the all-inclusive rate and the rates permitted under this contract. It shall be responsibility of the contractor to make the Computer/printers/UPSs work satisfactorily through out the contract period.


c)      The contractor will be required to depute a whole time expert engineer on duty exclusively for this Ministry on all working days to attend the Computers/Printers and UPSs and whenever defect arises therein and any complaint to this effect are made.


d)      The work is to be carried out in the office premises it self. However, only such work as cannot be done in the office premises will be allowed to be done outside with written permission of the Section Officer (A&P) of the Ministry and no extra payment would be made on this account. He would also be required to provide alternate equipment.


e)      If the work of the contractor is found unsatisfactory or if the contractor dishonors the contract, the job will be entrusted to any other firm/party at the risk/expenses of the defaulting contractor.


f)       Payment for the work done and services rendered will be made to the contractor on quarterly basis after the completion of the quarter.  No charges will be admissible during the period when the equipments remain non-functional for reason attributable to the contractor. 


g)      The complaints should be attended to on the same day they are reported.


h)      Tenderers are requested to deposit earnest money of Rs. 3000/- (Rupees Three thousand only) through a crossed demand draft on any scheduled bank in Delhi/ New Delhi drawn in favour of the Pay & Accounts Officer, Cabinet Affairs, New Delhi along with the quotation.  The earnest money deposited by the successful tenderer shall be retained as Security deposit for the due fulfillment/performance of the terms and conditions of the contract.  The said security deposits will be refunded after the successful completion of the contract subject to the adjustment of dues against the contractors.  The earnest money received from other unsuccessful tenders will be returned without interest.


i)        The tenderers should have previous experience of having handled above mentioned items for a period not less than three years. The tenderers should produce certificate to prove their competence for undertaking the job in question and also furnish proof of their standing and good-will through a certificate from their earlier client of repute organizations mentioning name, designation and telephone No. of the officer of the department. The tederer should send a copy of the PAN card of the firm while submitting the quotations.  The quotations submitted without copy of the PAN number of the firm shall be summarily rejected.


j)        The Government reserves the right to select any tenderer or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason whatsoever. It will also not be obligatory on the Govt. to accept the lowest quotation and no explanation shall be given with regard to reason for rejection of quotation any tenderer. The Government further reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time without assigning any reason by giving one month’s notice to the contractor.


3.         Please ensure to make a specific mention in your quotation to the effect that the terms and conditions mentioned above are acceptable to your firm in full.

4.         If the above terms and conditions are acceptable, quotations addressed to Under Secretary (Admn.), Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, room No. 92, Parliament House, New Delhi, may be deposited in the tender box kept in the custody of SO (A&P), room No. 93, Parliament House (Ph. No. 23034755) in a sealed cover superscribed “QUOTATIONS FOR COMPREHENSIVE MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FOR COMPUTERS & PERIPHERALS” latest by 3.00 PM on or before 24th April, 2007.  Quotations received till then shall be opened on same day at 3.30 P.M. in room No. 92, Parliament House, New Delhi.


Yours faithfully,




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