Rule 377 List

Rule 377 Total ( Since 2019 ): 3606
Rule 377 List
S.No. Raised Date Ministry Name Subject Status
3579 25/06/2019 FISHERIES, ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND DAIRYING regarding need to regularise the services of 133 contractual workers of the Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai. Final
3578 25/06/2019 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE regarding eradication of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in the country. Final
3565 25/06/2019 HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE regarding need to provide adequate medical facilities to tackle Japanese Encephalitis disease in Muzaffarpur district and its adjoining areas in Bihar. Final
3568 25/06/2019 INFORMATION AND BROADCASTING regarding need to amend Press Council Act, 1978. Final
3567 25/06/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding need to take necessary measures to deal with water scarcity in Pataliputra parliamentary constituency, Bihar Final
3563 25/06/2019 JAL SHAKTI regading water shortage in Aurangabad and Gaya districts of Bihar. Final
3564 25/06/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding need to accord approval to Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project submitted by Government of Rajasthan. Final
3576 25/06/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding need to provide drinking water in Latur parliamentary constituency, Maharashtra. Final
3571 25/06/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding implementation of river Pampa Protection Plan in Kerala. Final
3557 25/06/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding need to take flood control measures in Barabanki parliamentary constituency, Uttar Pradesh. Final
3558 25/06/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding need to provide drinking water in Banka district, Bihar. Final
3555 25/06/2019 JAL SHAKTI regarding construction of a dam in Bankura parliamentary constituency, West Bengal. Final
3581 25/06/2019 LAW AND JUSTICE Need to set up a Bench of Odisha High Court at Sabalpur. Final
3562 25/06/2019 PERSONNEL,PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS regarding need to fill up the vacant posts (Official Language) in Central Secretariat Official Language Service. Final
3572 25/06/2019 RAILWAYS regarding construction of Bolondi Halt Railway Station in West Bengal. Final
3577 25/06/2019 RAILWAYS regarding need to sanction road-underbridge/subway at Bauria Railway Station in West Bengal Final
3554 25/06/2019 RAILWAYS regarding providing better railway services in Misrikh parliamentary constituency, Uttar Pradesh Final
3570 25/06/2019 ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS regarding need to widen JoriyaPulanlwa road in Jammu & Kashmir. Final
3560 25/06/2019 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY regarding need to appoint DST INSPIRE faculty. Final
3559 25/06/2019 TOURISM regarding development of tourism infrastructure in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. Final